Inheritance at BMPCS

Greetings Families,
Thank you for reaching out to ensure that your child is included in our enrollment count for Inheritance at BMPCS when it begins. We are delighted that so many parents are enthusiastic about getting started and as excited as we are to launch this great program. As promised below you will find answers to every question we’ve been asked regarding registration and how to secure your child’s enrollment. We hope this helps, but we are more than happy to answer any additional questions that you may have.

Please contact Ms. Jessica at

YES, all children currently enrolled will be guaranteed a spot provided parents complete all registration paperwork and make their registration payment by February 20th.

The registration process includes following this link, completing the registration form and submitting your registration fee payment.

The registration fee is $25 per child. Unfortunately, there is no discount on registration fees. However, if you receive vouchers your registration fee can be waived or returned to you when you submit your vouchers. The payment link may not be available right away. If not, you will be available to register your child and return to make a payment online at your convenience.

First priority is given to those currently enrolled. However, additional students will be enrolled as space permits and we do not foresee running out of space once we are licensed as we are requesting licensure for at least 25 more child than the current enrollment.

Sibling discounts are 10% off up to 4th child of the family.
Example: Sibling 1: $90, Sibling 2: $81, Sibling 3: $81, Sibling 4: $81, Sibling 5: $90

The monthly cost for any student will be the weekly rate multiplied by the number of weeks in that month. There is currently no set monthly cost.

Yes, vouchers (also known as subsidies or scholarships) will be accepted. Families are encouraged to apply.

Please follow this link for more information on applying for vouchers. For those who need support applying please send us an email as we plan to be available to support you with the process. Ms. Jessica will also have printed copies of the application available for families in need.

Yes, the price will increase to $110 per week for all families not registered by February 20th. *Please keep in mind that vouchers cover up to $110 of after care services. We also have limited resources to support families with financial need.

No, a student may be enrolled with a part time (3 days per week) or full time (5 days per week) contract. However, parents who wish to enroll for “drop in” care only must commit to a minimum of one day per week to secure their child’s enrollment.

This family would have a part time contract and would pay $65.00 per week (which is the daily rate for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)/
*We would encourage this family to register for part time vs drop in as the drop-in care would not secure your spae unless you registered for a “3 day drop in”.

We are beginning registration today. However, official enrollment does not take place until we have a license. All students registered by February 20th will be automatically enrolled once the license is secured. *Registration fees will only be returned for two reasons: 1. A parent receieves vouchers. 2. A license is not secured. Otherwise, registration fees are nonrefundable.

Depending on the minimum number of days one child will be in aftercare, we might encourage you to do a “drop in” contract for 3 children x2 days. If you expect that any one of your children will be present for 3 days, then a part time contract is encouraged. Send us an email to clarify.

We have received licensure in as little as 30 days and as long as 90 days in the past. we expect to be licensed by the beginning of March if all goes well and we are aiming for March 20th (the first day of Spring) to spring into action!

Vouchers expire after 60 days if not utilized. You can start the process now; however, we cannot accept anyone’s voucher until we have a license. Therefore, we encourage you to share with CCS that you are awaiting your new program to be licensed. In the worst-case scenario you will request a new voucher in March should you receive your voucher much earlier than expected. *If you haven’t used vouchers since the summer you may need to reapply all together.

A month with 4 weeks: $684.00
A month with 5 weeks: $855.00

Sibling Discount, Early Bird Special (Regular Rate: $110 per week), Waived Registration Fee

Please see the chart below.